Businesses You Could Start To Make Money This 2022

Businesses You Could Start To Make Money This 2022

It’s one thing to make a plan for success and another thing to take that decision and then, when you take that decision, the thing that falls after decision taking is determination.

If you make a decision and you are not determined to keep to that decision, the decision becomes void. That goes to say that in other for your 2022 to be successful, or in other for you to end this year profitable, happy, smiling and not feel oppressed by people’s posts on social media, below are some business you need to do to make money.

Before I get into that, the main question I always get from people is “How can I make money without any money ?

First of all, you get to understand that you need money to make money. So, if you literally have zero Naira, zero Dollars, Zero Cedis, zero whatever currency you use, you need to go get 9 to 5 job. If there’s no job available, go take a loan.. Yes, loan.

There got to be some assets you can loan out to make money, at least to get money temporarily, but when you are doing that, have in mind that the money is temporal and you need to do something to get the money back so that you can get your asset back or pay up your debt.

That the number one thing you need to do when you have no money , get a job or take a loan. For people that have enough money to start any kind of business, first of all  you need to know that you don’t actually need millions to start up a profitable business , you just need a little cash to do so.

The main thing that pushes most businesses to massive growth is packaging,  if you have a little money, below are some businesses you need to consider to make money in Nigeria  :

Cleaning Business : people tend to look down on cleaning business a whole lot because they feel that being called a cleaner  is so undermining same thing is applicable to when a man is being called a nurse but they forget that it’s a job and a very lucrative one at that.

Sometimes you get to do what you don’t like to do, to get you to where you want to be or to get you what you need or want.

We Get a job Sometimes just to get cash to celebrate our birthdays or get something for someone.  So, if you can do all of that, you should be able to get a job to secure your future.

Open up a cleaning business,  package the business so well, go online and do some research,  Google the best cleaning agencies in the world and see how the are being run. You got to understand that successful people always leaves platforms for people like us to follow.

You just have to make out time to study whoever it is you admire , study whatever business you wish to get into. You might be asking yourself questions like, “How am I going to wash someone else’s toilet ?” But would you rather clean it and get rich or don’t do it and remain broke ? Think.

You can start by going to some rich people’s houses to tell them about the services you render and how good you are at it, make posts on Facebook pages and groups you’re into, go to newly built houses to announce yourself, tell your family and friends then watch how things unfold.

Car Detailing : There are so many cars out there  but not many people to clean the cars. If you are able to be a mobile detailer, you can create a complimentary card, flyer or whatever cheap advert strategy to let people know the services you render.

In this kind of business,  I advice you start locally, but the problem with most people is that they want to start a business today and become a millionaire in 3 days forgetting that it doesn’t work like that.

To start up a car Detailing business, you need money to rent a space for it , get the needed cleaning equipments and a source of water. After that, the next step is massive advert, make use of social media platforms,  flyers, complimentary card , meet people and tell them what you do, I they need you to come to their house to clean their cars, so be it.

Barbing Business : You can make it big by just being a barber. I once read of a guy who was so good in barbing that his rich client had to fly him abroad and get him established over there. He now makes massive cash by just Barbing hairs.

In this business,  you just have to spot a good barber and pay to be his apprentice, you can chose to stay as his apprentice for a year or more just to make sure you learn every basic Barbing techniques. After that, you can make some researches online and watch some videos to learn more stylish and colorful haircuts to add glamour to your skills.

When you’re done learning,  you go ahead to open up your own saloon and showcase your perfectly learnt skills.  You can run a week free barbing to customers just to get them to yourself as customers.  Go to peoples houses especially the rich families, tell them what you do and how good you’re in it, you can even offer to come for home services if the need be.

Empower People  : One of my favourite quote is “We rise by lifting others” that’s where this business comes in. Starting up a business doesn’t literally mean you will be the one to run it. You don’t have to be a cleaner, barber or car detailer for you to make money from the businesses.

What you have to do I this business option is to open up a business, have people to run it  and have them give you commissions either weekly or monthly, that’s based on the agreement. This can be any of the 3 mentioned businesses in this post or any other business you feel can bring more returns..

This investment is specifically for people that do have enough money to set up things like this.

Advice  : I need you all to understand that successful only comes to those who go for it, that’s just the truth. Swallow that ego and pride that doesn’t put food on your table and start up something today for yourself and your future.

Get a job, or start up a business

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