5 Pro Tips On How To Run Facebook Ads

5 Pro Tips On How To Run Facebook Ads

Everybody is creating adverts on Facebook and many more still want to run adverts but there are 5 things you need to get right to enable you create a perfect Facebook advert. If you don’t get this 5 things right, you can never create a perfect advert.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get this 5 things right that is why there are many unproductive Facebook ads everywhere. But now, I’m going to write on this 5 important steps to create a productive advert on Facebook.

Advert Image :  when you see an ad on Facebook,  the first thing you see is the advert image, which you can also call ads creative. I’ve come to notice that when most people run their ads, their advert images are always different from the purpose of their advert. This is very wrong  because your advert image must send same message as the product you’re marketing.

You must get your advert image right. For you to run a perfect Facebook ad, the first thing that should come to your mind is your advert image. You need to use a picture which is related to the product you sell or service you render. Most times, how creative your advert image appears will determine how high and good your ad would convert.

Advert Copy : This is a detailed write up on an advert page which explains the product you sell or the service you render. This is very important and must be gotten right, your advert copy must say a lot about the product youre advertising.

Your advert copy must be very detailed and attractive enough to make people click on your link or to perform and action on your ad. You can’t be running an ads on make-up while your advert copy talks about football, that’s an error.

It hurts some much to know that most people get this wrong. Some advert copies can be so bad that after reading it  you feel like hitting the writer so hard because the advert copy makes no sense at all and doesn’t relate to what tje owner is trying to advertise .

Call To Action Button : If you are new on Facebook advert, you may not understand this. The call to action button is that button that is below a Facebook ad that says Learn more, visit site etc.

Your call to action button is very important because if you the wrong command button, people won’t know what you want of them. Some people usually look at your advert image, tjen move to see your call to action command before even reading your advert copy.

Now, if you have a wrong call to action button, your clients will be confused on the next step to take. Your call to action button will determine how people are going to react on your post.

For example, many ads has different call to action buttons such as learn more, apply, visit site etc. So, your call to action must be related and must send the right command on what you want people to do. Like if you want to sell a product, and have a sales page, your call to action button have to be either “purchase” that’s to lead your clients directly to buy your product or “learn more” which is to redirect the person to your sale page.

Your Audience Targeting :  This is very deep. Facebook gives us an option to target people related to our interest. There a 2 types of Facebook targeting stated below

  • Zero Targeting which is just a manual targeting Facebook does for you.
  • Key-word Targeting: This is when you decide to target people according to their interests, objectives , age and so on.

The best way to do your Audience targeting is by using the key-word targeting option because this enables you target people on your own terms.

For example, if you’re running an affiliate marketing advert, Facebook gives option whereby you target people based on their interest, for affiliate marketing advert, you can chose people who are interested in online marketing or online business those kind of persons can be interested in affiliate marketing.

If you are selling beauty products, your target audience should be young ladies

The Right Facebook Objective: When you want to run an ad, the first thing Facebook asks you is your Objective. There are different types of Objectives. First of all, what is a Facebook Objective?

Facebook Objective determines what you want people to do on your ad. There are several things you want people to do when they come to your adverts,  you either want them to sign up, buy, or you want to collect their details or you want them to visit your blog.

With this 5 powerful tips, I believe you can now create a very profitable Facebook ad that will convert so well.

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