10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With #50k

10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With #50k

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In today’s Post, we will be sharing ideas on businesses you can start in Nigeria with #50,000 or lesser. Our team did a whole lot of research on this topic and we can boldly assure our readers that once you start this businesses in the right way, you will make so much money out of them. Keep reading to know more

1. Drink Making Business: The drinks I mean here drinks like fruit juice, smoothies, zobo,  cocktails etc. You produce them yourself,  package it very well and sell to people.  I keep lamenting on business packaging in most of my business posts because of its high importance in today’s business world.

There are many persons who does whatever kind of business you decide to start-up and the only way you can usurp them is how you tend to package your own business, your packaging will make you unique and it also determine the type of customers you get.

Things you need to start-up this drink business are, your plastic bottles, stickers, fruit mixer, blender and most importantly, you need to get a deep Knowledge on how to make these drinks.

2. Chips Making :  This business is so underrated in today’s market but it happens to be one of those businesses that when you start it and put proper marketing in place, and also make your products tasty, you are sure going to make a whole lot of money from it.

It can be any of plantain or potato chips, I recently tasted a plantain chips I got while trapped in traffic and mehn it tasted so good that I had to order for more and also take the sellers number. The chips contained some spicy ingredients such as ginger, onion taste and other ingredients I couldn’t name.

If you learn the tricks in chips production, it’s sure going to be a winning game for you. Practically, people call plantain and potato chips “traffic snacks” Because of how rampant it’s been sold in traffics, but you can also decide to supply to supermarkets, malls etc.

Things you need to get for this business are frying Pan,groundnut oil, sealing machine, stickers, nylons, some spices and your plantain and potatoes.

3. Fashion Business: This business is about buying new already made wears at cheaper rates and resell at a high rate. You can hawk it around or better still get a space for it.

4. Phone Accessories Business : Almost everybody in the world has mobile phones now. You can decide to sell those accessories needed to make phone using fun or accessories that prevent damage in phones. Such accessories are Earpiece, pouch, Screenguards,  Chargers , phone stickers and so on.

People buy this accessories everyday, I know some of my friends that change their phone pouch every month and some buy different colors of these pouch just to match their different outfits. No one would want to get their screens damaged or scratched that’s why they would opt to go for a screenguard.

You can get this access at Ali-express or Alibaba at a very cheap rate and resell to make good profits.

5. Fashion Designing And Tailoring Business: This particular business is for both tailors and those who can’t sew. For those who can’t sew, you can get a very good tailor who can design some fine outfits for you while you make adverts, sell them and make profits. Trust me when I say, Nigerians love nice native outfits.

One thing I love about this business is the fact that your customers can basically fund your business.  All you have to do is sew a nice and irresistible style for yourself,  take a picture of it while wearing them, post the pictures on social media platforms, put down a nice write up to let people know you tailored the design.

When someone sees and likes it, you negotiate with him/her, meet up to take measurements and make theirs.

6. Home Cooking And Delivery Business :  This particular business is on a massive rise in Nigeria. Like the popular Nigerian quote goes “Man Must Chop”, people must eat and when they find out you cook so nice, they will always want to get from you.

If you cook so good and can make different tasty delicacies,  then you can make a whole lot of money out of this business.  You need to put out massive adverts because this is not a business you would just go out and hawk. Its not the random restaurant business.

It’s a kind of advanced catering business, the different between this and catering services is that you don’t need an occasion for you to sell. In this business, you cook daily foods for people who are too busy to do so. Most bachelors and company workers rarely have time to cook at home, that’s where this business comes in. They call you to make different delicacies for them while they stock it in their freezers and take part of it whenever they are hungry, and once it finishes, you are called to restock.

What you need to start up this business won’t be that much since its something you cook at home, I’m to believe that you should have all kitchen utensils needed for this, all you have to get are Brand name and stickers, fliers for adverts, social media posts and to spot a good market where you get foodstuffs at a cheaper rate, Get a nice food container for food packaging and I advise tou cook with gas instead of stove, that’s for fast cooking.

7. Small Chops Business  :  So many events takes place daily, it can be a happy or sad one but believe me people host events daily. Due to high cost of things, most people don’t always cook during occasions, they rather go for snacks to save costs, and that’s where small chops comes in.

What’s in a small chops pack : Spring rolls, Samosa,  puff-puff, chicken, gizzard and so on. Tou have to make your spicy and tasty for people to like it and recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

8. Online Coaching Business:  Everyone has something they are very good at, and this business simply means teaching people what you already know and being paid for your services.

Search within you, you have a skill that is sellable, haven’t you seen a situation whereby you do something so good that people tend to ask how you did it?, yes that’s when you monetise it. Package those Knowledge into a product and make money from it.

Coach people on how to do what you love doing, make sure you are very good at it before asking to coach someone, when they get value for their money, they would definitely come back and also refer people to you.

9. Thrift Clothing Business :  In Nigeria, This simply means okirika business, thrift is only a nicer term given to it. Another funny name people call this business is “Bend down select”, busy people such as Bankers, company workers and so on rarely have time to go get these outfits which are always of top qualities,  that’s where you come in.

There are so many markets where these wears are being sold at a cheaper rate, when you spot one of those markets, you can select nice clothes worth the amount you have, wash and iron them properly, get a nice nylon for packaging and sell them online or go to banks and companies to their staffs.

10. Fruit Business:  Operation eat healthy has made everyone want to eat fruit. Since the covid period, people now resolve to eating healthy and most time fruits to help boost their immune system and stay healthy.

With #50k, you can start fruit business in a reasonable way. You spot a fruit market where fruits are being sold in large quantities and at a very cheaper rate, get assorted kinds of fruits, wash them so well, sell in large quantities or you cut them in pieces and sell to people who needs in smaller quantities. It’s very profitable.

Note :  To scale and grow big in these businesses,  you need to have a good customer service, good advert strategy and nice structures in place.


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