How To Make Money With These 3 Phone Apps

How To Make Money With These 3 Phone Apps

If you love the idea of making money using your phone since we spend much time on our phone everyday then, this article is for you. Just keep reading.

There is no better feeling than that feeling you get when you receive a payment notification that your payment has been sent from whatever company you work for or any online job you do, that feeling is totally amazing.

There are so many opportunities to make money online, this article is going to show you three different apps you can install on your mobile phone and make online money from them.

A lot of people assume that just because it’s an online opportunity,  it means they are going to make fast money and a whole lot of it , but the truth is that especially when it comes tomaking money via mobile apps and websites, this sources doesn’t pay much.

It doesn’t mean they don’t pay at all, it just means that the payment isn’t that much for you to hope heavily on it. I’m writing this so that you won’t be expecting so much and at the end everything falls short of your big expectations.

If you want to be a millionaire in few days or weeks from doing this, trust me it won’t happen but if you are looking for where to get extra income to source your small needs, then this is definitely for you.

App Number One : HONEYGAIN

You can download this app from your playstore, applestore or simply go to their website which is to download the app. You make money through this app by simply sharing your Internet connections with the company and other company they represent.

The way the Internet works is that there needs to be a tower or a router somewhere that distributes Internet connections to our phone and laptops.

So, what this company does is that they use your device and many other devices registered under their platform to distribute the Internet so that the Internet works faster and better for everyone.

There are some companies out there that just distribute so much amount of contents on the Internet that can destabilise a normal Internet connection so there needs to be more towers and infrastructure that is set up just to stabilise the network.  Using people’s mobile devices makes it easier than coming physically to set up the needed infrastructure to make the Internet stable.

Basically, you are going to earn passive income from this app when you download it and let it run on your phone or laptop background thereby letting them use your network connection while you do other stuffs with your device.

The app needs your data connection to be put on for it to run successfully. If you switch off your data connection,  the app automatically stop running and you stop earning also.

You get a five dollars ($5) sign up bonus immediately you sign up but can withdraw it immediately because the withdrawal option comes up when you have at least twenty dollars ($20) in your wallet balance.

There’s a section in that app which helps estimate how much you are to earn. For example, you can log in on three or more different devices at once and allow the app to run simultaneously on all of them, this said section helps in calculate how much you are making from the three devices.

For you to make more money from this app while spending less on data, you need to be someone who has much access to cheap data or your device is connected to an unlimited WiFi.

Another factor that boosts or decreases your earnings is your location because every country or continent has different levels of payments that’s to say those who reside in Asian countries tends to earn different from those in African countries.


This app can be used on both mobile and desktop as well. Basically, what happens is that you are  to earn rewards on this app or when you run it on Web  by doing some surveys, cashback and more.

In this app, you are mainly going to be playing a couple of games and doing surveys by so doing, you get cashback.

The sad truth about this app is that it doesn’t work in most African countries but works perfectly fine in American and Eurooean countries.

The app works perfectly fine on both android and Apple devices. All you have to do on this app is play different games and get rewarded with points which you redeem and change them into actual cash.

There are also some surveys you would be doing. I mentioned cashback earlier because while playing these games, you can get a gift card gift card from walmart as reward which you can use to redeem some paper cash.

App Number Three : SAGA PAUL

Saga Paul is an African based survey company that gives you a voice then you make money from it while comfortably  sitting in the comfort of your home by simply answering questions.

Unfortunately,  this app works only on Android devices as they are not yet available on Apple devices.

What this app does is that they get a lot of companies who approach them with their challenges while they basically help the companies find answers to those challenges.

For example, there are some companies that wants to expand into new areas but don’t know if it’s a good decision or not so they use thie Saga Paul app to do their surveys by asking people questions while they get their needed solutions through people’s comments.

Some companies might also want to launch a new product and would want to know whether people in their targeted areas would be receptive to those products so they resort to use this app as a survey tool to help them get the needed information to help them make proper and sound business decisions.

Note :  These aforementioned apps works perfectly and has been tested by me and my team before making them public. We’ve read people’s testimonies on them and we also follow most of their active social media pages.

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