Importance Of Education

Importance Of Education 

It will be so disastrous of me as a writer not to write about education. Welcome to Newslineng as we take you further on the importance of education.

I will not consider myself a good blogger or even a responsible adult if I were to tell you that education is not important. It means I am misleading you.

Education is so underrated and very critical. Indeed, the more I see people argue against the importance of education, the more they prove me right. They are actually showing how important education is when out of lack of education, they deny the importance of education.

I doubt if there is any level of stupidity and ignorance higher than denying the importance of education. In fact, everybody is educated to some extent. Because education is the process of learning and I believe everyone has learnt some things.

Pardon me to disagree with the theory that learning negative things is not education. Education is simply to learn or unlearn. Both positive and negative knowledge are acquired through education. In fact, all the armed forces all over the world were properly educated on how to kill.

There’s no comparison to when one is knowledgeable and when one is not, the difference is always clear, the reasoning, the reactions to issues and the contributions towards things will always stand out.

Going to university alone does not make one knowledgeable cos some just pass through the school without the school passing through them, they were just there to obtain certificate and get the title “graduate”

Before we forge ahead, let’s get to know what education is all about.

What Is Education: Education can be said to be a process of imparting or acquiring knowledge, judgement, facts, skills and ideas formally or informally.

You can get educated anywhere you find yourself be it at home, workplace, church, social gatherings etc. But the best form of education is said to be the ones gotten from schools that’s because it comes with extra advantages.

A country which lacks education is said to be a country without future. It no news but facts that educated countries are more enlightened and prosperous that non educated countries.

Have you asked yourself why a poor parents strives very hard and can go any length to send their kids to school ? Mothers sell off their wrappers and fathers sells their lands just to afford their children’s tuition fees, do you know why ?? That’s because education eradicates poverty and hunger.

The importance of education can never be overemphasised. There are many reason why education I so important. Basically, most of our career goals are tied to the level of education we gain and that also determines our future well-being.

Let’s take a look on some importance of education.

Communication skills :  If a child is born and hidden from the world, trust me, he or she would definitely act different from the rest when set free. Education helps better our communication abilities with one another. The way we speak, listen, read and write are all the products of education.

Critical Thinking :  You don’t need a divine intervention to differentiate between an educated person and a non educated person when they speak. When it comes to problem solving or decision making, the counsel of an educated person is needed because they bring creative ideas to the table. An educated person interacts with people in a very logical way.

Job Opportunities:  Being educated helps one meet basic job qualifications. The possibility ratio of an educated person to secure a job over an eneducated person is 99 to 1. Every firm, company and organisations needs an educated person to help move the organisation forward.

Economy Growth :   A Nations growth can be widely dependant on how educated its citizens are. Study shows that the most developed countries houses the most educated citizens. When a high percentage of a country’s citizens are educated, development and economy Growth is sure.

Self Empowerment And Reliance :  Knowing how to read and right exposes one to endless access of information and learning. If such person I also good in arithmetic, like being able to calculate perfectly and make budgets effortlessly such person can run  a business.  Literacy boost self confidence and self reliance.

 Financial Stability And Security : Since education boosts critical Thinking,  decision making and problem solving abilities, companies choses to pay educated people higher than their non educated counter parts.  In most companies the top positions are held by educated persons leaving the cleaner, gateman and other low posts to uneducated ones.

How To Determine  An Educated Person 

  • Someone who is  always willing to learn new things without the feeling of pride and is also willing to improve his abilities.
  • One who initiates sound and credible discussions and not just unnecessary rants.
  • One who doesn’t just follow the crowd but make sure his brain directs him.
  • Someone who thinks before speaking and weighs pros and cons before acting.
  • Someone who knows when, how and whom to speak to and makes sure his words nor actions doesn’t hurt people.
  • Someone who avoids unnecessary arguments and when he engages in one, he tend to teach and not argue blindly.
  • Someone who doesnt discrimate based on gender, race, color nor any other thing .
  • Someone who calms issues and comes up with solutions to problems.
  • Someone who can read, write and speak at ease.

We can go on and on and on when it comes to points which defines an educated person.

For any nation to have a bright future, they need to educated the youths. When a leader of a country is uneducated,  the people suffers and the nation goes blind.

Lecture people on the importance of education and help educated the ones around you today. No amount of education is too small and nobody is too old or young to learn..

Let’s make this world a better place and the first step to achieving that feet is by curing illiteracy and thats by getting people educated.

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