Checkout The 2022 15 Best Youth Empowerment Opportunities In Nigeria

Checkout The 2022 15 Best Youth Empowerment Opportunities In Nigeria 

Youth Empowerment: Youth empowerment has a significant impact on reducing the poverty rate of a Nation.

When a youth has the necessary skills, they can utilize them to feed themselves, help others, and even invest for the future, which benefits the economy of the country.

You can find opportunities for youth empowerment in Nigeria by attentively reading this article.

There are numerous youth empowerment initiatives in Nigeria, which are owned both by the Government and Private sectors.

These youth empowerment initiatives seek to develop and empower Nigerian youths, and it goes a long way in helping the youths in realizing the value of education and how it contributes to the nation’s socioeconomic advancement.

As a result of their empowerment, the youths can give educational facilities to basic, secondary, and even tertiary institutions.

The education sector’s patriotism spirit grows faster when youth are given academic opportunities because the Youth that are empowered tends to understand how important education is better than those that aren’t empowered.

What Is It Youth Empowerment?

Youth empowerment is the process by which individuals acquire the skills and power to decide wisely and bring about change in both their own lives and the lives of others.

It serves as a means of inspiring young people to achieve great things for themselves as well as for their society.

The 2022 Best 15 Youth Empowerment Opportunities In Nigeria

1. United Nations Of Youth Network Nigeria 

This group seeks to empower young people to bring about constructive change for a unified world.

They are a nongovernmental organization that collaborates with several young people in different nations, including Nigeria.

2. Young Entrepreneurs Of Nigeria (YEN)

This specific organization provides substantial leadership programs and training. The goal of this program is to help young people develop their personal qualities

Many young people have benefited from YEN’s assistance and self-development.

3. Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria

The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria, which works in conjunction with the Ministries of Communication Technology and Youth Development, serves to encourage young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

They support young people’s entrepreneurial growth and give them the tools to increase  employment.

4. Federal Ministry Of Youth And Soorts Duel Program 

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has launched its Digital Skills initiative, known by the initials DEEL, in an effort to significantly increase the number of people who are transitioned from unemployment to more lucrative

Nigerian youths are eligible to apply for any of the Deel empowerment programs listed below.

• Computer skills for 500,000 youth, basic, intermediate, and advanced training is provided.

• Specific Mobile device training for 100,000 kids

• The Work Experience Program (WEP) offers 5,000 young people three months of internship opportunity.

• Business ventures


5. Leventis Foundation Agricultural Fully Funded One Year Training Program

The Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) offers a variety of consulting services and focused  short courses in a number of agricultural topics in addition to its standard one year agricultural training program

Examples are, production of poultry, vegetables, beekeeping, honey, fish farming, mushrooms, value chain mapping, etc

• Participants in the extensive one-year course are exposed to several aspects of agriculture and other agricultural companies

• Both male and female applicants are accepted

• For the duration of the course, successful candidates receive free tuition and boarding (which includes meals).

• The training’s goal is to produce generations of dedicated young practical farmers in Nigeria who will act as catalysts for agricultural revolution in their communities.

The training is FREE OF ALL COSTS to the beneficiaries.

6. Movement For Youth Actualisation International 

They participate in youth liberalization and productivity programs.They help underprivileged people grow and learn.



7. Diamond-Crest For Youth Education Foundation 

This organization’s purpose is to improve and provide young people with high-quality education. They also serve as a vehicle for educating people about the values of racial and international harmony

Through frequent educational activities, they promote among the young people healthy social bonds. In a bid to encourage effectiveness and professionalism among teachers and educators, workshops and seminars are offered.

8. International Center For Development Affairs 

This group’s mission is to promote and sustain civil society empowerment through outreach and development literacy.

9. Youth Initiative For Sustainable Agriculture In Nigeria (YISA)

This initiative, which aims to empower young people, doesn’t discriminate based on how much knowledge you have or whatever level you have reached or haven’t reached, there is something in this plan for you.

The goal of this initiative is to encourage young people to choose careers in agriculture by correcting, educating, inspiring, training, and supporting them.

The initiative invites the young people to view agriculture as an enterprise rather than just a development project.

YISA is available for you if you want a career in agriculture!


Despite the country’s high unemployment rate right now, there is a chance to increase inclusion and productivity by taking advantage of Nigeria’s young population through effective skill development initiatives.

The NPower Programme’s main policy focus is on extensive skill development.

By 2020, the Npowerstarted accepting applications. The Npower has two categories



11. Foundation For Skill Development

This organization works to provide unemployed people with the technical and vocational skills they need to start their own businesses.

12. Youth Empowerment And Development Initiative

This program was created in 2011 with the sole aim of empowering the youths.

The purpose of this is to motivate young people in Nigerian society so as to lower the stigma and HIV prevalence rates in their life.

This program is being expanded, and more possibilities are being made available to young people while also focusing on the difficulties they face.

13. Graduate Internship Skills (GIS)

The GIS intends to provide 5000 suitable young graduates with the chance to be employed as interns in efficient and successful private and public sector organizations in order to foster the development of the workforce necessary to support the nation’s transformation agenda and vision 20:20:20.

14. New Era Foundation

On January 17, 2000, this organization was set up with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja. On March 21st, 2000, the launch and public presentations took place.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the foundation’s president and founder, preside over the business of the organization, which are managed by both men and women.

The foundation’s activities are designed from the start to promote the youth’s healthy growth within the family unit.

15. Tradermoni

Under the auspices of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) program, the Federal Government of Nigeria launched this empowerment program in Nigeria.

It is an initiative to provide interest-free loans to young people, artisans, and small-time traders across Nigeria.

A participant’s initial eligibility is for 10,000 Naira; after repaying, he or she receives 15, then 20, then 50, and finally 100,000 Naira.

How to Apply – Three Steps to Applying:

Find the agents

Choose one of our agents to contact in your state.

Note Specifics

The agent will record your information.

Message through Text

If you are eligible, the federal government will text you a number that you must enter to receive the payments.


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