Is Defensive Midfield The Most Important Position In Football?

Is Defensive Midfield The Most Important Position In Football?

Welcome once again to Newslineng, today in our sports category,  we are to discuss on the most important position in football.

Most persons has always claimed the defensive midfield position to be the most important of every other positions, but how true is that? Read on to know why they actually feel so.

The defensive midfielder, who is frequently viewed as cynical, aggressive, hasty, and underappreciated, is the key to a team’s success, they harass their oppositions and foul them while serving as a shield for their own defenders and goalie.

The majority of assaults typically start from their feet, and they act as a bridge between the defense and midfield.

I was inspired to create this piece after i rewatched one of Alex Song’s brilliant performance for Arsenal against Everton.He consistently arrived in the right spot to make interceptions, blocks, and tackles.

In essence, that is what the defensive midfielder must accomplish.A smoother transition from defense to offense is made possible by the DM.

He must be present at the appropriate time and location and cannot afford to repeatedly get caught in the opponent’s half. The defensive midfielder is tasked to release the back four’s pressure.

The DM is frequently thought of as a player who makes hasty challenges and fouls, although only for the benefit of the team, the DM does commit fouls.

A foul can end an effective play and offer the defence the opportunity to rest and reorganize.



The crucial task of the DM is to cover the full backs and defenders who are caught off guard or out of position.

Over the course of several seasons, it has become clear that the team’s title hopes depends on a strong defence line. But no matter how strong a team’s defence is, it still needs someone who can relieve the strain on their backs, break up attacks, and neutralize the attackers and that’s where the defensive midfielder comes in.

A team’s DM needs to be exceptionally good at anticipating his or her position and working quickly, while a DM is lacking in this, the defense frequently fails, especially when going on the counter.

A defensive midfielder also plays a significant attacking role, he is typically the point of origin for most attacks.

The crucial task of passing the ball further up the field falls to the DM. However, DMs frequently go unrecognized or are incredibly underappreciated.This is due to the fact that the DM position is not the most alluring one on the field.

He disrupts the game’s flow with tackles, which, while ugly to the eye, are incredibly essential to the team.

The DM has to put up a diligent effort, which regrettably goes unrecognized. It can’t be a coincidence that teams frequently perform worse after a defensive player transfers or retires.

Arsenal and Real Madrid serve as the ideal illustrations of this. Arsenal hasn’t won a significant prize since the sale of Patrick Viera.

Arsenal resumed competing for major prizes in the previous  years, and the team’s gradual advancements coincided with Alex Song’s emergence back then and Thomas parteys’ for the present.

The ascent of the Cameroonian back then for Arsenal gave them some much-needed steel and that’s exactly what Thomas Partey currently gives team.

Another example of how crucial a DM’s services are is Real Madrid.

Real Madrid stopped winning the UCL immediately after the sale of Claude Makelele, but the curse was broken with the emergence of Casemiro.

During his days at Real Madrid,  Steve McManaman said something about his teammate makelele.

He said “I believe Claude has this kind of talent; despte being the team’s top player for years, nobody ever seems to acknowledge him or his contributions.

But if you ask anyone who worked at Real Madrid during the time period we were discussing, they will all agree that he was the finest player there. He was the most crucial player, as was known to all of us and the players.

Los Galacticos’ demise began with the death of Makélelé. You can tell that it signaled the start of a new era for Chelsea as well. He was the cornerstone and the key, and I believe he still is for Chelsea.”

Without the exception of Essien for Chelsea and Segio Busquets for Barcelona, Every championship winning club has had a truly inspirational DM lwho controls the team. Examples include Marcos Senna  for Spain.

This just serves to emphasize the reality that, regardless of how much talent and flare a team have, it will always fall short without the dedication, perseverance, and constant running of a defensive midfielder.


When discussing the sale of Makelele, Zidane encapsulated the worth of a defensive midfielder perfectly when he said “Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?”

Those  words were so deep and has a whole lot of meaning,  it means that there is no reason buying more attacking flair and skillfully players while the engine room which happens to be the defensive midfielder has been sold.

If we run a check on most top European teams, you will realise that none would have been as good as they are without a top quality Defensive midfielder.

Starting from English teams,  Manchester City has Rodri,  Liverpool has Henderson and Nabi keita,  Chelsea has the tireless Ngolo kante,  Tottenham has Hojberg,  while Arsenal has Thomas Partey,.

The rest European top teams ar as follows : Real Madrid has Casemiro,  Barcelona has the dubbed “invincible midfielder ” Sergio Busquets,  Bayern Munich has Joshua kimmich, Borrussia Dortmund has Emre can and axel witsel,  Paris Saint German has Marco verratti,  the list goes on and on.

The role of a good defensive midfielder can’t be overemphasised,  they are justifiably the Heartbeat of the team. The team becomes weak and concedes more goals when there isn’t the presence of a good and reliable defensive midfielder.

With the above explanations and insights, I believe we must have convinced you that the defensive midfield position is the most important role in a team

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