What To Expect From Arsenal This 2022/2023 Season

What To Expect From Arsenal This 2022/2023 Season

Welcome to Newslineng sports category today as we take a look at the tremendous transfer work Edu and Mikel Arteta are doing at Arsenal Fc.

What Are We To Expect From Arsenal In This 2022/2023 Premier League And European Football Season?

The general public is unaware of what to expect from Arsenal next season, but they will soon find out

Because of their increased physicality and technical skill, Arteta’s guys of the new generation have excelled during the pre-season.

They are a sleeping giant.

What we’ll see more at Arsenal next season is the pressing volume & controls. Guys like Ramsdale, Vieira, Zinchenko, and whosoever, are all capable of playing long balls from deep towards the oppositions defence.

Coupled With the added physicality Jesus and Nketiah offer, Arsenal will counterpress their opponents so hard.  From there, they can create directly through the counterpress in transition or through the sustained pressure off the back of that counterpress.

These are some abilities they lacked so much  last season because they lost the ball so often in the build-up and lacked physicality up front. That won’t be the case nearly as often this current season.

Players like Saliba and Zinchenko have improved Arsenal’s depth so much to the point where they would build play reliably most weeks without having tired legs in the team. Guys like Jesus and Nketiah are exceptional physical focal points.

The evolution will be very enormous. More control in the build-ups and in transitions with regards to threats behind, and general use of Arteta’s elite structure result from the addition of technical excellence and physicality.

They can use their superior positional play to pin opponents back OR take advantage of them in transition.

Arsenal’s positional strategy is effective against shallow blocks as well. Additionally crucial to the build-up.

When their elite build-up bypasses presses, Saka, Martinelli, Vieira, Odegaard, and Jesus/Nketiah will be high up the pitch, so ready and evenly spread out to exploit the opposition defence.

They would stretch the pitch with runs in behind, with the wingers holding the width, the number 8’s between the lines, but are also all crucially in close proximity so can combine and interchange positionally. They also have the blend of qualities to utilise that positional play structure. Saka and Martinelli can beat their man in 1v1’s, and carry the ball in transition, or make runs in behind the last line to offer an output threat.

Nketiah and Jesus can do the same whilst offering runs from central areas, link play, and be a focal point at the centre of the attack.Odegaard and Vieira have the technical quality and temperament to pick out the right passes, carry the ball and release it at the optimal time, attack the box from deep after Arsenal’s outlets are released.

All these qualities will be enabled by the quality of the players, but also the elite structure.Vieira in particular would be a massive game changer for Arsenal. His ball striking on both feet is so powerful and his direct creative nature is much like Kevin De Bruyne in transition. He in particular will be aggressive with his passing and this will see Arsenal be so multifaceted.

Vieira will force passes from deep against low blocks which can be directly scored from (half space or wide crosses) or counterpressed off the back if they don’t work and Arsenal can then use their compact and physical structure to win the ball back and mount another attack.

From deep, in transition, Vieira would be the most valuable player Arsenal have at releasing their outlets. Think of De Bruyne’s sweeping passes from deep to release guys like Jesus, Sané, Sterling, Foden or Mahrez in recent years. The type of pass to leave his teammates in a 1v1.

The type of pass to leave his teammates through on goal, or in a 2v1. That quality in tandem with runners like Jesus, Nketiah, Martinelli and Saka is a scary thought. Arsenal need to get that guy fit as quickly as possible.

Fabio Vieira is such a freakish talent. Not only that, but he also offers necessary press resistance in general facets of play. The guy dribbles like Bernardo Silva but plays killer passes like De Bruyne. He’s so nimble, so quick in tight space, so agile, so technical, so elegant.

Arsenal’s best possible XI, dynamics wise, will be up there with any team in the world. That was the case last season too but their squad was so thin that it couldn’t even handle a season without European football.

Guys like Zinchenko, Saliba, Vieira, & Jesus are huge additions though, But the problem is they still need more. They need to maintain team dynamics and quality regardless of who plays. That’s what City and Liverpool do and they’re the benchmark.

The style of play that Arteta demands requires such high quality that there can’t be any drop offs.Arsenal can’t have guys like Smith-Rowe coming into the XI in place of Martinelli because the dynamics completely change.

Vieira will no longer be able to force those direct balls in behind the last line because those runs won’t be as prevalent due to the stylistic difference.

Vieira will have a dream combination with Martinelli, Saka, Jesus and Nketiah but that’s four players who cover three positions in a campaign with Europa League football. Arsenal need another wide player.

They also need extra technical depth in defence. It’s an absolute necessity. The steps Arteta and Edu have taken to improve Arsenal this window are immeasurable and although they have to clear out deadwood before they sign any more players (which is completely understandable), they can’t afford to not sign anymore.

The sky is the limit. They’re so close. Arsenal are 2 players away from blowing up, from being guaranteed to get top four, from being as good as Liverpool and City on their day, but they need to spread their first XI quality throughout the squad.

They’ve done a very AMAZING job so far, but must continue to do so.

The 2022/2023 might be that very season Arsenal will genuinely be a title contender and not just top4 contenders.

Let’s know what you feel of Arsenal’s transfer recruitment so far. Drop a comment on the comment box

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